Bowtie Risk Analysis 







The Bowtie Risk Analysis is a powerful tool in Compliance. It helps you see your risks, controls, consequences, as well as identify gaps.

Early on in my Sanctions Compliance career, years ago, I came across an example of a bowtie used by car manufacturers to model the various causal threats and consequences linked to safety feature failures. It was at that moment I saw the potential for this tool and created my own version related to sanctions.

While going through some files from years ago, I found my Sanctions Compliance focused bowtie. My bowtie was focused on understanding the causal threats and consequences relating to Sanctions Screening failures for global financial institutions.

I look forward to updating its contents to address risks we see today, such as Synthetic Identity, IP Blocking, Crypto/Blockchain: Risks (Anonymity, Mixers, L2 Protocols preventing Travel Rule compliance, MultiSigs, Mining location, etc).

In the mean time, it would be a shame to keep this tucked away in a drive somewhere. So, I thought I would share this with my network as it may inspire you to build a similar analysis for yourself. Enjoy! I placed a link to the PDF and PPT below.

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